About Us

About Us

Organic Pecan Nuts

Seed Oil SA is a family-run business.

We are a world-class accredited oil press and refining facility with FSSC 22 000 certification.

Our motto: “A daily, healthy, affordable solution!”

As trend-setters in the local industry, we pride ourselves on researching the most healthy options and producing our oils accordingly.

If such products are not available, we put all our effort into development, as we did with the LIVE LIKE N range.

From our family to yours.

Singer, author and television host Nataniël has long been an advocate of natural, clean products such as the grapeseed oil he has been marketing with Seed Oil SA for many years.

When he was approached with the idea of collaborating on a range of exclusive cookings oils, the answer was an immediate “yes!”.

The result is LIVE LIKE N.

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